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Salmon Taco Recipe

This has become a Sunday Night Staple meal for me the last 2 months. Something about these simple ingredients make it feel fun, healthy and slightly classy:)

Adjust portion sizes based on the number of mouthes you are feeding.

What you need:

-6-8oz Salmon Filet(Wild Caught)

-Red Cabbage(Diced to preference)

-1 cup Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables(Frozen or fresh)

-Food for Life Corn Tortillas(Your choice on brand and type)

-Salsa(I'm personally a huge fan of anything from Mrs.Renfro)

-30 minutes and an awesome attitude


-Cut Salmon Filet into small cubes using kitchen scissors. Let sit at room temperature 15-20 mins season with cayenne pepper, chili powder, pepper and garlic(squeeze of 1/2 lime if desired)

-Heat 1tbsp olive oil(or cooking spray) over medium high heat

-Once skillet is warm toss in Salmon cubes heat 2-3 minutes on one side. Flip cubes

-Add in Stir Fry mix

-Add more Salmon seasoning combo for taste

-Sauté all ingredients together for 10 minutes or until desired crispiness of Salmon is reached(I like a little char)

-Finely chop red cabbage(1/2 cup)

-Place Tortillas on microwave safe plate with a slightly damp paper towel between each tortilla. Heat in microwave 30-45 seconds.

-Fill warmed Tortillas with Salmon Stir Fry goodness

-Top with diced cabbage and Salsa



Note: Cod, Tilapia and shrimp all work great as well!

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